Welcome to the website of All Suriname Tours

“All Suriname Tours” organizes tours throughout Suriname: both in the coastal area as to the interior of Suriname. Suriname, the land with unspoiled nature and diversity of culture and traditions. Experience our extensive forests and mountains, “rapids” and beaches, flora and fauna. Come and see how we live peacefully with each other despite our different cultures. For each and everyone there is a place in this beautiful nature and culture of us.

Fishing trips, boat trips, Bird watching trips, Adventure trips, expeditions, Hiking and Biking trips, visiting sea turtles, visit a Colonial plantation, but also relax next to the sound of a “rapid” is part of our service. Come and let us guide you in making the most appropriate tour, so you experience a memorable vacation without too much logistics, in this unique country in South America.

All Suriname Tours offers satellite mobiles, so you can be contacted by phone everywhere. Even in the deep interior of Suriname, where there is normally no mobile network.